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  • Annual Membership Meeting March 15th 2:00PM

    Hey Bisbee! We are excited to be gearing up for our 5th Spring season at the Community Garden of Bakerville-(102 4th Street in Bisbee), in Memory of Rose Johnson. We invite YOU to get involved! There are many plots available and the garden would really benefit from some fresh energy and ideas! Plant your greens and grow your ideas as a member of the Garden's stearing committee!

    Part of a service group or like-missioned organization? Bisbee Community Gardens would love to PARTNER with you! Please get in touch!

    Sign up today! Just $10/month secures your plot. Sponsorships are available for low income persons and groups. Spread the word!

    Spring signup deadline March 15th. Message us for more details or call 520-981-3739

    updated 3/5/2020

  • Native Pollinators Workshop

    Wednesday, March 15th at 12:30pm

    At The Bakerville Community Garden-(102 4th Street in Bisbee)

    Bisbee Community Gardens and Freeport-McMoran welcome you to learn about the species of our region that serve the vital purpose of pollination and the native pollinating plants which attract them.

    We will be exploring the importance of pollinators to the ecosystem and food production, as well as how to counteract threats that are being faced by pollinators.

    There will be a display table to examine native bee houses and live exhibits with caterpillars on potted host plants, ladybirds and/or preying mantis (beneficial insects for pest control & pollination) that we will release at the end of the workshop.

    We will also do some planting of native pollinating plants to enhance the Community Garden’s native pollinator section. Participants can take home all the knowledge they gained, as well as native pollinator info pamphlets and a small give away!

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    Sunday, November 27TH, 12-4pm AT The Rotary Community Garden 102 4th ST. Bisbee

    *Check out the garden *Learn about membership, *Become a member, or just bring some Thanksgiving leftovers and come on down to socialize.

    updated 11/23/2016

  • Aquaponics class and Spring Plot Special Deal

    This Sunday (Oct 16) join us for "An Introduction to Aquaponics". Learn how to grow produce and protein, at the same time. The basics of aquaponics including understanding how pH, temperature, oxygen, and other factors feed the nitrogen cycle, which feeds plants, which, in turn, cleans the water for the fish. 

    By the way, this is a great time to sign up for your Spring Plot. Special Deal ** Start your garden now and don't pay membership until March**

    updated 10/9/2016

  • Water Harvesting Design & Installation Workshop with Cado Daily

    This Saturday, June 25 8am-12pm come on by and learn Water Harvesting Design & Installation with Cado Daily.

    updated 6/22/2016

  • Steering Committee Meeting of the Bakerville Community Garden

    The Steering Committee and Annual Membership Meeting of the Bakerville Community Garden will be next Sunday, May 15th at 2 pm at the community garden. You are encouraged to attend to meet the management crew and the other members of the garden. You will have the opportunity to join the steering committee if you like, and each member gets 1 vote in the election of steering committee members, so even if you don't want to join the committee, you can vote on who is elected to serve in this volunteer position for a one year term. You can also use this opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. For your convenience you can view the Garden Membership Manual at the document page for further details about the roles and responsibilities of the steering committee and garden management, etc..


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  • Help Us With Our To Do List

    Come loin us for some fresh air and community. 

    updated 3/19/2016

  • Drip Irrigation Installation

    Join us on Sunday April 3rd at noon for a 4 hour class - Installing Drip Irrigation & Mulching & Appropriate Watering Methods

    updated 3/15/2016

  • Sign Up to Attend 20+ Garden Based Workshops

    Sunday 11 to 1 come by the garden and sign up to attend 20+ garden based workshops and get a free plot for 2016! Big thanks to our sponsor Community Food Bank and our own Bisbee Rotary Club!! Through a series of 20 + garden-based workshops spanning the course of a full year, participants will gain valuable experience in how to grow, prepare, and sell their garden produce!  You also get a FREE Plot!


    updated 2/19/2016

  • Tree Planting Workshop/Demonstration

    There will be a hands-on tree planting workshop/demonstration on Saturday, January 30th at 9am at the Bakerville Community Garden (102 4th Street, Bisbee AZ 85603). Come help us get the trees planted! We are so excited! Apples, pears, persimmons, peaches, apricots, and figs!

    updated 1/25/2016

  • Plots Still Available

    Hello everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!

    We just wanted to let the community know that we have 9 plots left for rent at the Bisbee Community Garden: (4) 60 square ft. ($15/month) and (5) 30 square ft.($10/month).

    It may seem like the wrong time to be thinking about gardening, but actually, this is the BEST time to get ahead! We already have tons of cool season seedling "starts" growing great in the greenhouse that will be offered out to garden members, plus TONS more organic seeds that you can choose from and plant at your leisure, once you're a member!!

    ALSO, we will be planting trees this month!!!! Stay tuned for the official workshop date, which will be the first of many, as a part of the 2016 Growing Health and Wellness Garden-Based Education Program! Thank you to the Food Bank of SE AZ for their grant, which makes this program possible!!! We have two sponsored beds still available, so if your interested in the garden program, let us know and we can get you a FREE plot if you agree to attend the monthly garden workshops!

    Please Private message Bisbee Community Gardens or email for more details about the garden education program or becoming a member. Peace

    updated 1/6/2016