Bisbee Community Gardens Mission

The Bisbee Community Garden Program enhances quality of life in Bisbee. It provides neighborhood green spaces to learn, share, interact, and grow in—together.

  • Annual Membership Meeting March 15th 2:00PM

    Hey Bisbee! We are excited to be gearing up for our 5th Spring season at the Community Garden of Bakerville-(102 4th Street in Bisbee), in Memory of Rose Johnson. We invite YOU to get involved! There are many plots more

  • Our Program

    Bisbee Community Gardens (BCG) is an all-inclusive community garden program. BCG is managed by a volunteer steering committee, elected by the members of BCG. BCG is maintained by its members and volunteers. BCG is legally operated and facilitated by Community Synergy Solutions Corp. (CSS), a 501 (c) 3 organization serving the US/Mexico Border Region.

    BCG offers Bisbee residents and people from the surrounding area a space to participate in community gardening for a variety of purposes, including:

    • Local food production
    • Sustainability and wellness education
    • Job training
    • Conflict resolution
    • Disease prevention
    • Economic and community development
  • Our Vision

    1. Create community gardens in every neighborhood
    2. Partner with local schools to build school gardens and provide education
    3. Provide agricultural job training to teach the value of food in today’s market
    4. Offer a program to sponsor memberships for low-income residents
    5. Re-use neighborhood waste and other materials
    6. Provide community education
    7. Demonstrate a variety of ecological growing and composting techniques
    8. Utilize rainwater capture and low-water use techniques
    9. Advance the overall food security of the city
    10. Strengthen neighborhood bonds and alleviate neighborhood tensions
    11. Improve the social and environmental health and wellness of the City
  • Core Values

    • Peace and Equality
    • Sustainability and Food Security
    • Health and Wellness
    • Community Cooperation and Resiliency
    • Compassion and Responsibility

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